Prasanthi School for Children With Special Needs

This is a training centre imparting scientific training to mentally retarded children by special teachers under the direct supervision of qualified child psychiatrist. Services of Pediatrician, Dentist, Physiotherapist and Speech therapist are available at this centre. Training given for more than 105 students. The training given is absolutely free and no fees are collected from the students. Free transport is also provided to deserving students. Free lunch is given to all students. Vocational training is given to mentally retarded adults.

Prasanthi Centre for Autism

This is a centre exclusively for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders . Autism is a condition where communication and social behavior are abnormal. It has been estimated that 1in every 58 children in India are autistic and this is the only centre in Calicut where training is given to children with autism. The teachers at this centre are specially trained for autism. Training given for 10 students in this unit.

Prasanthi Centre for Slow Learners

Learning disability like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia are common among the students. To help those students with learning disability and slow learners, the trust has started a centre. In this centre the teacher-pupil ratio is 1: 8 and a Psychiatrist is also helping the students to overcome the learning disability. The learning problems of children are identified and remedial training is given for 16 students in this unit.

Prasanthi Centre for Early Intervention

This is a unit of trust where senior pediatricians examine new born babies for developmental disabilities.